Black Holes in Space

Black holes in Space by entiregrade
Black holes in Space by entiregrade

Black holes in Space are one of the obscure things in our universe having glorious nature and tremendous amount everywhere. There are about million black holes in Space only in our milky way galaxy and unimaginable in the universe.

A black hole in Space is a region on space having a strong force of gravity. A force which can inhale the planet and even the entire galaxy. The boundaries of black holes called event horizon and after that, a strong pull of gravity that not even light can escape so their interior is forever hidden.

And the other interesting thing is that anything in-universe can become a black hole. If any universal object been compressed it’s density and gravity starts to increase and it will become a dense singularity with having the most powerful gravity. The same thing happens in space while forming black holes but with the supernova explosions as the star starts to collapse it density starts to increase vice-versa gravity then that singularity becomes a black hole.

The scientists have theorized sundry different types of black holes where the stellar and supermassive black holes are most common.

Stellar black holes in Space

This forms when the massive stars die and collapse (supernova). The roughly mass 30 times bigger than our sun disperses in the universe during this.

Supermassive black holes in Space

They are none other than the gigantic form of the ordinary black hole in Space. They mainly found in the centre of the galaxies including our own. Millions billions time bigger than the sun.

Today we are much familiar with the black holes in Space than we were at past few decades no doubt it’s only been possible because of the many scientists and their passionasation toward this but the one who really gave up his whole life to it was STEPHEN HAWKINGS who sadly didn’t get his reward by pleasuring himself with the first photograph of black hole (M87). But deep down he always knew that there is something strange blackness is floating in the space.

As it’s been confirmed that there is such thing like black hole so we can truly say that the creator can be the destroyer.

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