What is Darwin Theory of Evolution

Charles darwin the evolutioner by entiregrade
Charles darwin the evolutioner by entiregrade

An English naturalist named Charles Darwin(1809-1882) gave Darwin theory of evolution

He wrote a book named Origin of species in 1859 A.D.

We can explain Darwin theory of evolution by,

Darwin theory of evolution from monkey to man
Darwin theory of evolution

1. Enormous fertility

Every species implies to multiply in geometric ratio.
It means that a population doubling its number in one year increases four times its size in the second year and eight times in the third year.

2. Struggle for existence

All the offspring do not survive and reproduce for their life span.
They participate from themself for food to live.

3. Variation and heredity

Although the offspring are much similar to their parents, even they are not identical.
They differ from each other in their shape, size, and behaviour, etc that is known as variation.

Because of the variation among organisms, some fit better into their natural environment than other organisms.
This suitable variation of organisms is genetic into the new generations.
In successive generations, the variation becomes their own characteristics.

4. Natural selection

The process in which nature exercises it’s selection on only those individuals who are fittest and only they can survive and reproduce is called natural selection.

Those who do not have variations die.

5. Origin of species

Due to these changed useful characters, Individuals survive and may acquire more useful characters to survive in the struggle.

After many generations, these individuals become quite different from their ancestors and they evolve into new species.

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