What is Greenhouse effect

Greenhouse effect by entiregrade
Greenhouse effect by entiregrade

The greenhouse gases (GHGs) present in the atmosphere absorb the solar radiation and increase the average temperature of the earth.
It is called a greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect makes the earth warmer and supports the life of living organisms on earth.

At present, greenhouse gases present on the earth are increasing because of human activities like the burning of fossil fuel and deforestation.

This leads to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of the earth day by day resulting in an increase in the temperature of the earth.

And this effect of increasing temperature of the earth is called global warming.

In the past 100 years, the earth’s temperature has increased by 0.74 Centigrade from 1977 AD to 1994 AD,
The earth temperature was increased by the rate of 0.06 Centigrade per year in the average.

Advantages of the greenhouse effect

The advantages of the greenhouse effect are as follows:

  • Greenhouse effects maintain the temperature of the earth by making it suitable for the survival of living beings on the earth.
  • In the lack of a suitable temperature, we can’t survive.
  • The temperature also supports environmental processes like the water cycle.

However, it also has many adverse effects.

Causes of greenhouse effect

The Causes of greenhouse effect are as follows:

  • It increases the temperature of the atmosphere.
  • It changes the water cycle.
  • It affects human health adversely.
  • It is decreasing the ice level of Himalayas (mountains).
  • It is increasing water level in the sea as a result of human civilization in that area is a risk.
  • It influences the balance of biodiversity and ecosystem badly.
  • It causes desertification.
  • It causes deforestation.
  • It affects the regular schedules of the civilization system which decreases agricultural production.

Artificial Greenhouse

Artificial Greenhouse by entiregrade
Plants are getting sufficient sunlight & care under Artificial Greenhouse

An artificial greenhouse is a structure having walls and a roof made of transparent materials such as glass or plastic.

It has an artificial environment suitable for the growth of the plants.

It is also named as a by glasshouse or hothouse.

The size of the greenhouse may vary.

It may be in the size of a small shed or in the size of an industrial building.

It has a slant roof which helps to enter maximum sunlight and heat in it.

The glass or plastic uses in the construction of a greenhouse allows short waves (light waves) to pass through them but they do not allow the passage of long waves (infrared waves).

When the solar radiation enters a greenhouse, it cannot return in the atmosphere again in the form of a convection current.

It means the heat traps inside the greenhouse and the environment inside becomes warmer than the outside

In our country also, the use of greenhouse is very common for growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

We can grow summer vegetables inside a greenhouse even in winter.

Importance of a greenhouse

The main utilities or importance of greenhouse are as follows:

1. It is useful to grow vegetables inside a greenhouse even in unfavourable seasons.
2. It helps to protect the crops from pests.
3. It increases the production of crops (flowers, fruits and vegetables).
4. We can use it at high altitude to grow plants.
5. It is useful to conserve rare plants.

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