Modification of Stem (Roots, Leaves, Stem) of Plants With Reason

modification in cactus by entiregrade
modification in cactus by entiregrade

Modification of stem

You often hear many times about modification in stem and plants. As we know a grown plant has its root and shoot, where the root is underground into the earth and shoot is aerial means on the air.

I am going to tell you the modification of stem in three different steps,

a. Modification in underground stem

They differ in different plants according to their store their food.

Like onion and garlic are in the form of a bulb.

Ginger is an example of a rhizome. Potato is an example of the tuber.

Hence, Bulb, rhizome, and tuber are the modification of the underground stem.

b. Modification in subaerial stem

In these plants, the stem is modified for reproduction.

They are in the form of the , offset, stolon( in Jasmine and strawberry) and sucker, etc.

Its modification is for vegetative propagation.

c. Modification in aerial stem

Aerial stems show a modification in the form of tendrils, thorns, bulbils, etc.

In some plants like climbers, the stems are modified in a hairy structure called tendrils.

They help the plant to grow up. In some plants like duranta and rose thorns are on the stem and they save the plants from enemies.

The shoot has different components like stem, leaves, flowers, and fruits.

In each plant, their structure is not the same.

It is different in different types of plants. It is modification.

Here I am going to tell you about the modification of roots, modification of stems and modification of leaves.

1. Modification of leaves

Modification of leaves in aloevera by entiregrade
Modification of leaves in aloe vera by entiregrade

Like roots and stems, leaves are also modified for a special function. In cacti, leaves are modified into spines that protect them from their enemies and reduce the rate of transpiration of water.

In some plants, tendrils are also formed from leaves e.g pea plants,

Some leaves are succulent that is we have to modify for storing water e.g aloe vera.

In some insectivorous plants like venus flytrap and pitcher plant also, leaves we modify it for killing and digesting insects.

2. Modification of roots

Roots are underground structures responsible for absorption.

They are modified in different forms in different plants that have specific functions.

It is in both systems i.e taproot and fibrous root.

The major purpose of their modification are,

A. For food storage

B. For mechanical support to the plant

C. For other vital functions

A. For food storage

Sweet potato food storage by entiregrade
Sweet potato food storage by entiregrade

It is modify for storing food in the roots of the plants. For example- Radish, Carrot and sweet potato, etc.

Sometimes they swell due to the food storage.

Hence, they also take part in reproduction to form a new plant.

B. For mechanical support to the plant

In banyan, sugarcane, bamboo, etc. roots are in the air also.
Such roots may change in height from the ground.

We modify roots in money plants for climbing they have a grip to climb.

C. For other vital functions

In orchids plant, roots have chlorophyll through which they make food by the process of photosynthesis.

Modify roots of other plants absorb oxygen in marshy places.

Hyacinth plant floats on water and has floating roots as they store air.

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