What are Non Communicable Diseases

Non communicable diseases spherical bar graph by entiregrade
Non communicable diseases spherical bar graph by entiregrade

Non communicable diseases are the diseases/illness that does not transfer from an unhealthy person or a patient to a healthy person.

These diseases have no special causative agent like bacteria, viruses, protozoa, etc.

Some non communicable diseases occur because of our personal carelessness and others are self-developing.

Cancer, diabetes, asthma, stone, blood-pressure, etc are examples of non communicable diseases.

Besides these, malnutrition can also cause noncommunicable diseases like anemia, goiter, night-blindness, kwashiorkor, and marasmus, etc.

Some of the non communicable diseases are as follows,

A. Cancer

The abnormal growth of unnecessary types of a cell on any part of the body is called cancer.

More than 100 types of cancer are there still.

Men suffer from the cancer of mouth, lung, stomach, liver, intestine, anus, alimentary canal and prostate gland whereas
women suffer from the
cancer of the breast, lung, stomach, intestine, and cervix of the uterus.

Cause of cancer

There are some causes of cancer are as follows

1. Overexposure of radiation like ultraviolet rays and x-rays may cause skin and chest cancer.
2. Chewing of tobacco and smoking can cause mouth and lung cancer.
3. Overconsumption of alcohol can cause liver cancer.

Sign and symptoms of cancer

Some of the sign and symptoms of cancer are as follows

1. Change in the wart.
2. Persistent cough.
3. Tenderness in some parts of the breast.
4. Bleeding even after menopause.
5. Excessive blood loss through nasal, anal, or vaginal discharge.
6. An unexpected loss of body weight.

Preventive measures of cancer

There are some preventive measures of cancer are mentioned below as

1. Eat hygienic food and avoid eating rotten and stale food.
2. Avoid smoking and chewing of tobacco.
3. Avoid overexposure of radiation like ultraviolet rays and x-rays.

B. Heart attack

Narrowing of blood vessels because of clotting of blood or an increase of fat in the blood vessels may interrupt the supply of blood to the heart.
The heart then cannot function due to the lack of blood supply. This complex condition is called a heart attack.

Causes of heart attack

Some of the causes of heart attack are given below as

1. Unhygienic, greasy and spicy food.
2. Physical passivity and obesity.
3. Use of tobacco products.
4. Excessive alcoholism.
5. High blood pressure.
6. Heredity.
7. High sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

Preventive measures of heart attack

There are some preventive measures of the heart attack given below as,
1. Avoid using tobacco and tobacco products.
2. Avoid drinking alcohol.
3. Eat green vegetables and fruits.
4. Avoid eating oily and fatty foods.
5. Do regular physical exercise 30-45 minutes.

C. Diabetes

Lack of insulin produced by the pancreas causes an increase in the level of sugar in the blood.
This condition is called diabetes or sugar simply.

In other words, the increment in the level of sugar in the blood is called diabetes/sugar.

Preventive measures of diabetes

The preventive measures of diabetes are as follows

1. Balance diet.
2. Regular physical exercise.
3. Fat reduction.
4. Avoidance of alcohol and tobacco.
5. Avoid eating spicy and greasy foods.

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