What is an element, atom, molecule, compound, particle and mixture



An element is a substance whose atoms are same.


There are many types of substances found in our surroundings they have different physical states and chemical properties some of them are pure and some are impure or mixture. Those substances which can’t be changed into two or more simpler substances by the chemical change are called elements. Each element is the separate kind of matter that contains only one type of atom. Some examples of elements are nitrogen, hydrogen, copper, oxygen, mercury etc.


The smallest particle of an element is called an atom.


It may have or not the capable of independent existence. Atoms are identical in all aspects eg. The hydrogen atom, nitrogen atom etc they take part in chemical reactions different elements have a different kind of atoms for example atom of phosphorus is different from atom of copper.

Carbon : Atom by entiregrade
Carbon : Atom


The smallest particle of a substance is called molecule.


The smallest particle of a substance whether elements or compounds which are capable of independent existence are known as molecules. They are made up of two or more single or many types of atoms which are chemically bonded each other.

Bonded Atoms by entiregrade
Bonded Atoms


Combination of two or more different elements in a fixed proportion is called compound.

Explanation –

There are millions of compounds used in our daily life. The properties of a compound is always different from the genuine/original substances. water is an example of a compound because it consists of two substances hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of 2:1 as well.

Hygrogen Oxygen: Compound
Hygrogen Oxygen: Compound

Particle –

A minute/tiny portion of a matter is called a particle.

Explanation –

There are many small things around us. In biology you may be studied about micro-organisms or microbes , In physical science, particles have physical and chemical properties they look like spot and other granular materials.

 Granular materials
Granular materials


Combining two or more substances are called a mixture.


They may or may not be seen when mixed, on behalf of mixing it is divided into two groups commonly known as homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture adding salt in water and sand is the example of them respectively

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