What is Grammar

What is grammar by entiregrade

Well, when we talk about grammar then we are talking about the actual strength of any language because without grammar it is so difficult and impossible to understand language.

Here are some major definitions of Grammar we listed below:

1. Grammar is the method to read, write or speak any language properly and in correct way.

2. Grammar is the study or science of rules for forming words and combining them into sentences.

3. Grammar is the study of the classification of words, its’ function, inflections and relations in the sentence.

(Inflection: Inflection is a word-formation process where a word is modified to express different grammatically categories of tense, case, voice, aspect, person, number, gender, mood, animacy, and definiteness in linguistic morphology.

Conjugation: Inflection of Verbs

Declension: Inflection of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, determiners, participles, postpositions and prepositions, numerals, articles, etc.)

Grammar is basically defined as the soul of any language because without grammar no one can perfectly and clearly understand that language. Like as a body without a soul is useless same as a language without grammar.

The English Grammar

What is grammar by entiregrade
What is grammar by entiregrade

As the definition of grammar, we discussed above the English Grammar is also a science of rules to form a sentence by the combination of words in a systematic method and in a proper way to clearly understand while reading, writing or speaking.

English Grammar basically has five divisions:

1. Orthography: A system or study to spell the words.

2. Etymology: An investigation of derivation and original signification or meaning of the words.

3. Syntax: The system or the rules of arrangement of words into phrases and phrases into sentences.

4. Prosody: The study of verse forms and pattern of poetic rhythm.

5. Punctuation: The system and methods of using marks in appropriate order to separate the words, sentence or to indicate the form of expression during making sentences.

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