What is Test Tube Baby

Test tube baby by entiregrade
Test tube baby by entiregrade

Test tube baby and in vitro fertilization (IVF) are synonymous.

In vitro means outside of the body.

Unlike the natural fertilization, which happens in the ampulla of the fallopian tube,

In IVF we allow male and female gametes to fuse outside the body in the laboratory.

The formation of zygote occurs after fertilization takes place outside the body, later placed into the uterus.

This test tube baby or IVF technique initially adopts for the treatment of couples in which the female suffers from inoperable tubal blockage.

The first test-tube baby is Louise Joy Brown on July 25, 1978 A.D.

The first test-tube baby of America is Elizabeth Jordan Carr (born on December 28, 1981, at 7:46 am)

Method of IVF

First of all, harvest multiple oocytes from the ovary by using ultrasound or laparoscopic guidance.

Allow these oocytes to mature briefly in vitro before adding wash sperm.

Fertilization occurs in 14-18 hours later by the fusion of two pronuclei, one from the egg and another from sperm.

Allow the zygote thus produces to grow up to 32 cell stage in vitro.

Then, place the conceptus into the uterus through the cervix using a catheter.

Effectiveness of IVF

The success rate of these reproductive technologies varies from centre to centre.

On average, with IVF, We gain a successful outcome of 18-22% per cycle.

Problems with the advancement of IVF technology

The advancement in human IVF technology increases the options for the treatment of infertile patients and those with inherent severe genetic disease.

In addition, the manipulation of gametes may possibly allow the sexing of the embryo for other genetic analysis and the eventual possibility of gene therapy.

However, these developments will also test moral and ethnical attitudes within the community.

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